About Us
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Transprotection Security Services Ltd. founders David Goodbrand and Judy McBride lead a group of security specialists ready to handle any contingency.

David Goodbrand is a dedicated and personable security professional. His exemplary 30-year career with the RCMP included providing personal security for visiting heads of state, diplomats and executives, in conjunction with the Department of Foreign Affairs. He devised motorcade routes, bodyguard duties, and site security plans to ensure that these international dignitaries had safe and comfortable visits to Calgary and Southern Alberta.

Judy McBride combines business acumen from a 20-year career in project management, with a keen awareness of the needs of business executives and international political dignitaries. She developed, executed and supervised the transportation plan for the highly publicized 2002 G-8 Summit in Calgary and Kananaskis. In this high-pressure environment, Judy McBride and her staff of 300 received accolades and bonuses for their outstanding achievement and safety record.

Our management team’s past accomplishments, with numerous high profile events, have provided them with the special skills required to co-ordinate an event of any size. No project is too large or small, from a single sedan transfer to a comprehensive motorcade movement; the most efficient secure routes are always pre-planned.